Benefits of introspection

Often, we see even the strongest equations we share with several folks going strangely awry. Suddenly, we realise some rips in fabric with a really close relative. Or, we sense a chasm in communication with a colleague, wherein we combat discomfort even to have a casual chat with him. Or, we discover a dreadful dent on the delicate surface of friendship, with a dear friend slowly distancing herself. 

Well, often we allow these relations to rip apart, since we seldom try introspecting. But, in case we do, chances are we may try salvaging them. Being on introspective mode, we’d also try discerning the delightful positives in those from whom we’d be drifting apart. We would also start mulling over their myriad good gestures which we may have hitherto taken for granted.

Yes, once we plunge into these introspections, surely we’d be able to protect our precious relationships from the perils of getting pulverised! Who knows, our saved relations may turn out to be stupendous assets in future, by way of showering us with solid support in times of severe life crisis. So, our efforts to mend relations would be truly worth, even if it means sloughing off our egos. (In case we deem we are on right track, while the one who has moved away from us is exclusively at fault!)

Recently, a friend’s niece was saying, “At workplace, I have a senior, with whom I keep having sparring sessions. Whether it is project plans or paper presentations, we have prolonged spats, as we have painfully different perspectives in every possible matter, with her promptly pooh-poohing all my profession-related ideas”.

“Once, after launching into a long introspection, I sensed I was actually straitjacketing my learning space with this souring relation. Then, slowly, as I started listening to her more, I began gleaning nuggets of information. To encapsulate, by embarking on this introspection exercise, I have enriched my life with enormous knowledge!”   

Finally, not to discount these bouts of introspections would bring in bountiful peace and joy, too, by making us more benevolent and empathetic! 

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