Power of choice

Power of choice

“There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so” is a quotation by William Shakespeare. This quotation is as true today as it was when it was first written. Ideally, like all human beings, everyone would like favourable omens to happen as most people are neither sadists nor naysayers. 

Your thinking has a major role to play when you are dealt the cards of life. If you plays your cards well and steer them in the direction of positive, conscientious endeavour, you would be giving what the world needs most. However, if you choose to be negative, you will find that these are the overtures that will come back to you. You are what you think.

So, if you want positive affirmation, you must be sure that you send out positive vibes. Surely, as the Universe ordains, these are what will bounce back. To show that you have a choice, think about the following example.

The bumblebee flies from flower to flower in search of sweet nectar. It does not matter how far apart the flowers are, the bumblebee will gravitate only towards the flowers. Then there is the housefly which is diametrically the opposite, as it ignores the sweet fragrance of flowers and instead goes in search of garbage and rubble. These two insects are both of the same category, but are totally different in behaviour. Thus, you have a choice whether to be like the bumble bee in search of nectar or like the housefly, in search of garbage.

Since the choice rests with you, you should always go for the option of living and internalising those optimistic vibes so deeply that it spearheads the thrust and direction of your journey. Life is too short to wallow in negative vibes and self-pity.

When you encounter a situation where you need to make an important choice, you should mull over the following quotation, “Your mind is like a garden/ Your thoughts are the seeds/ You can grow flowers/ Or you can grow weeds.” The choice is yours.