Way to self-realisation

Way to self-realisation


It has now become common in various circles of modern life - from religion to psychology to holistic medicine, to use the phrase “body-mind-soul” when referring to our totality as a human being. There are as many opinions and beliefs about the soul as there are about God. A lot of people say that the soul is an all-pervading universal consciousness and it is everywhere.

There are some who say that the soul is part of the universal consciousness, however, they do not ascribe any form or identity to the soul and believe that it is a form of energy that is present everywhere. According to the true spiritual wisdom revealed by Incorporeal Supreme Soul, all human souls are HIS children. They are distinct from HIM and each one is unique and distinct.

Thus, it must be understood that souls are not God but they have godly qualities. They are sentient and conscient self-luminous star-like entities that have the power to think, choose, feel, discern and act through sense organs. However, they can express and experience only when they are in human bodies.

It must also be understood that all souls reside in the soul world which is a world far beyond this physical universe. Each soul begins its journey on earth at its time and in the beginning, they don't go through any suffering because they are pure. They go through their journey on earth passing through different stages of purity.

Now, we all are at the end of Iron Age (Kaliyuga) when all souls have become vicious and have forgotten their true identity and because of body consciousness, they have lost their power and become prone to vices. It is now the most auspicious period in the journey of all souls that they now have a chance to get enlightened and liberated from all bondages and vices because Supreme Almighty himself is imparting the wisdom and power to help us.

He is guiding us with his love and blessings to our original pure stage of purity and changing this vicious world to a virtuous one. But, for that, we need to become soul-conscious and get rid of all kinds of bondages related to our body. This is the easiest way to self-realisation and liberation.