Research on for fisheries activities at Harangi

Research on for fisheries activities at Harangi

The fish enclosure set up at Harangi reservoir by ICAR - CIFRI team for research.

The many possibilities of utilising the Harangi reservoir for major fisheries activities are now being looked into by a team of experts.

A scientific research has been initiated in this regard, sources said.

The water of Harangi, one of the major reservoirs built across River Cauvery, is basically utilised for the purpose of irrigation and generation of power.

However, the Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute (CIFRI), a subsidiary of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), has plunged into major action, which could throw up an innovative possibility, creating a ray of hope for fishermen in the region.

Tribal involvement

The research at Harangi reservoir is carried out under the Integrated Tribal Development Project, as a large number of fishermen from the region belong to tribal communities.

The expert team will study the quantity of fish production and the possibility of survival of various species of fish in Harangi. The study team will also provide inputs to the Fisheries Department, for further action.

A fish cultivation enclosure has been set up in the backwaters of the Harangi reservoir by the CIFRI team. The sample of fish will be collected once in every two months to study the growth of fingerlings.

“Traditional fishing is being held from many years in the backwaters of Harangi, which spreads over 1,886 hectare in area. Lakhs of fingerlings are released into the reservoir every year,” Milana Bharat, Taluk Fisheries Department assistant director, said.

“But, it is difficult to track the survival rate of these fingerlings. The research being carried out currently would help us avail of the required information,” said the assistant director.

Rearing centre

Sachin, the Harangi Fish Rearing Centre officer, said that the centre was set up by the government 25 years back to support farmers who are willing to rear fish in the cultivation ponds.

“Varieties of fish, including Mahshir, Katla and Rohu, are reared in the centre. Along with these, fingerlings procured from the Kabini and Bhadra reservoirs are being provided to farmers at subsidised costs,” he added.

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