Reunion brings out fond memories

Reunion brings out fond memories

Retired lecturer of Poornaprajna College Udyavara Madhava Acharya speaks during the reunion of 1977 batch BCom students in Udupi.

After 41 years, the 1977 batch BCom students of Poornaprajna College met under one roof.

The reunion programme was organised by the 1977 batch BCom students, who reminisced the ‘good old days’ spent at their alma mater recently.

The old students also organised a Guruvandana programme to felicitate the teachers who taught them.

The old students had come from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Hubballi and other places to take part in the reunion programme.

Retired principal Nataraj Deekshith presided over the programme.

Poornaprajna College Principal Dr Jagadish Shetty was the chief guest.

Retired lecturers Udyavara Madhava Acharya, B M Hegde, Sridhar Rao, Varadaraja Ballal, Radhakrishna Achar, Venugopal Mulleriya, Kishore Rao, Narayana Bhat, retired principals Sadashiva Rao and Sulochana Rao were felicitated.

Srikanth Rao, who was popularly called ‘Kishore Kumar’ during his college days, sang film songs while Petri Sathish Kamath, Prabhakar Bhat, Vaman Bhakta, and Dayanand Bhandarkar sang Bhajans and entertained the audience on the occasion.

The old students exchanged greetings and recalled their days at the college on the occasion.