‘Kannada Kogile’: Sahyadri student 1st runner-up

‘Kannada Kogile’: Sahyadri student 1st runner-up

Akhila Pajimannu receives the first runner-up prize at ‘Kannada Kogile’, a reality show.

Akhila Pajimannu, First Year MBA student of Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management, was first runner-up at ‘Kannada Kogile’, a musical reality show.

‘Kannada Kogile’ is organised by Colors Super Channel produced by Sai Nirmala Productions.

The audition was held in Mangaluru. Of the 30,000 contestants, Akhila was selected among the top 42 contestants for the mega audition. Further, she entered the top 23 and had everyone’s feet tapping with the peppy numbers that she presented at the show.

Akhila was one of the participants who received the judge Usha Uthup’s request for ‘one more time’. It was a golden moment for Ahila as no other contestant had been selected for the next round with such an impact. Sadhu Kokila, music director in the Kannada film industry; Chandan Shetty, Kannada rapper; and Archana Udupa, singer; were the judges for the rest of the show.

Akhila had to sing different genres of music in every round. Of the 22 rounds in total, she received 13 golden buzzers, which was the highest in the show.

She has now around 10 fan pages created on Instagram for her.