WhatsApp now allows permanently mute chat notifications

WhatsApp now allows users to permanently mute chat notifications

WhatsApp replaces 'One year' with 'Always' mute option in the messenger notification feature.

Earlier in the month, a report emerged that WhatsApp testing 'always' mute feature for chat notifications and now, the company has made it available to the public.

WhatsApp on Twitter revealed that 'always' mute is now available on both the Android and iOS versions. Users need not have to update their WhatsApp, the new option is already live.

Here's how to activate 'always' mute on WhatsApp:

Just head to the group or the person's tab >> tap on the profile image >> Mute >> there you will find three options-- 8 Hours, 1 Week, and Always. 
It can be noted that the new 'always' replaces the 'one-year' option.  

WhatsApp brings 'Always' option comes to notification mute feature. Credit: WhatsApp

This has been a long-pending request from WhatsApp users. Since the group chat was introduced in WhatsApp, there have been lots of complaints among users with regard to the constant notification buzz when some group members begin chatting and sometimes go on for hours, while others have very little choice but to mute the notifications for a limited time and after it expires, the cycle starts all over again. Now, WhatsApp has permanently resolved the issue with the 'Always' mute feature.

In a related development, WhatsApp has launched a new feature for the Business version. Now, users can now look for products and make the purchase without moving out of the messenger app.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is planning to bring voice and video call options to the web version.

This has been a long-pending request from the WhatsApp users and since most of the corporate users are working from home, they can attend meetings and project conferences via voice and video sitting in front of the PC than on the compact phone.

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