When Tendulkar joined fellow Mumbaikars for 'gully cricket'

Sachin Tendulkar. PTI file photo

A few youngsters were in for a pleasant surprise when the legendary Sachin Tendulkar got down from his car for an impromptu batting session on the streets of Mumbai.

A video has gone viral on social media in which Tendulkar, wearing white shirt and black trousers, is seen playing cricket near an under-construction Metro site in Bandra.

The video, also tweeted by Tendulkar's childhood friend and former India cricketer Vinod Kambli, shows master blaster shaking hands with youngsters who were already playing cricket.

The 44-year-old took the bat from one of them and faced merely five balls before fans started to gather around him.

Tendulkar happily posed for selfies with his fans.

"I was happy, the way he got down from the car and all were surprised there. They would have got a shock as the 'God' came in front of the them," Kambli said.

"Those people normally see us in the stadium. It is their luck to see Sachin from close (distance). I and he have the same feeling -- once a cricketer always a cricketer. We started our cricket with tennis (ball) cricket, and I was very very happy, the way he went to the kids, interacted with them and he was playing with them," Kambli said.

"When we did not play with season ball, we practised with tennis ball so, I could see childhood's Sachin," he said.

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