Starter boxes are in dilapidated condition

Starter boxes are in dilapidated condition

A view of a starter box on Undedasarahalli Main Road in Chikkamagaluru.

Due to lack of maintenance, the pumpset starter boxes of the minor water projects are crying for attention in several layouts in Chikkamagaluru. 

The doors of the starter boxes have been damaged and they cannot be closed. As a result, anyone can switch on or off the starter of the pumpset.

“If the starter boxes are locked, then some people break it open. The CMC members are least bothered about the condition of starter boxes,” alleged Undedasarahalli resident Prashanth. 

The borewells and starter boxes situated beside the roads are gathering dust and the borewells and water units situated near the drains lack cleanliness. 

Madhuvana Layout Saimandira Road resident Rashmi said, “There are chances of children touching the starter box and its wire while playing. Closing the doors of the starter box and ensuring that children do not go nearby is a challenge for the parents. We have brought the issue to the notice of the concerned authorities several times in the past.” 

The residents said that damage to public taps results in wasting of water. 

Waterman Lokesh said, “A few borewells are not functioning. I lock the starter box by evening. A few starter boxes do not have doors.” 

A CMC member alleged that the CMC has failed to maintain the borewells and starter boxes. There is no one to monitor them and even private tankers collect water from borewells. 

Maruthinagara resident and electrician Kateel Sathishrao said, “The borewells and starter boxes are in a dilapidated condition in the majority of the layouts in Chikkamagaluru. Only the waterman should be allowed to switch on and off the starter box.”