6,188 women go missing since 2015 reveals report

6,188 women go missing since 2015 reveals report

A total of 6,188 women, who went missing in last four years, have remained untraced, reveals a report submitted by the state police to the Lokayukta.

Lokayukta has expressed concern over the number of women who remained untraced since last four years. “In my view, serious efforts are required to be made by all concerned for tracing missing women, girls and boys from the year 2015.

As on the date of submission of report 6,188 women remained untraced while 385 girls and 380 boys remained untraced for the last four years,’’ Lokayukta Justice P Vishwanath Shetty stated in the order.

Based on a complaint, the Lokayukta had directed the police department to submit a report on a number of missing complaints, especially women, girls and boys, and steps are taken to trace them.

The Lokayukta has directed the police to submit a detailed report setting out the details of the name and address of each missing woman, girl and boy. The details of the jurisdictional police station and steps taken by each of the authorities to trace them.

“The statement may also indicate the steps taken by the authorities to hold the persons liable for action for not taking effective steps for tracing the missing women, girls and boys,’’ Lokayukta said.

The Lokayukta has also instructed the authorities to fix reasonable daily wages to people rehabilitated at beggar relief centres across the state. A report submitted stated that around 2,800 persons are housed in 14 centres in the state.

Secretary of the Central Relief Committee stated that each inmate is paid Rs 10 per day as a daily wage and an inmate gets Rs 3,000 at the end of the third year at the centre. “I find that the wages being paid are on the lower side and prima-facie it appears to me that it is an exploitation of helpless people. A reasonable wage is required to be paid so long as work is extracted from such a person,’’ Justice Shetty stated.