Fly bus service to Mysore evokes tepid response

Fly bus service to Mysore evokes tepid response

With few takers for the luxury intercity fly bus introduced by Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) connecting Bengaluru International Airport  (BIA) and suburban bus stand here last month, the department is incurring a loss of Rs 13 per km.

Presently, one spacious bus with a seating capacity of 40+1 is operating since August 14, covering 820 km every day with two departures each from Mysore (2 am and 2 pm) and Bangalore (9.45 am and 9.45 pm).

The department is earning an average revenue of Rs 37 per km. However, inclusive of diesel and maintenance cost, the department’s expenditure on the bus is Rs 50 per km.

The bus service was launched with an objective to connect BIA and Mysore, facilitating a hassle-free travel for passengers who need to board the flight or disembark. KSRTC concedes that the availability of the service is yet to reach out to people of both cities.

To overcome the losses, divisions in Mysore and Bangalore are planing a series of promotional activities. Both are approaching software firms like Infosys, Tech Mahindra informing them about the service provided.

KSRTC is also acquainting star hotels and flight booking centres with the information on the service. In Mysore, the city bus from Infosys is plying towards the suburban bus Sstand to catch up fly bus at noon. However, there is no such benefit for the 2 am bus.

Road show

KSRTC Mysore Divisional Controller (Rural) B V Srinivas told Deccan Herald that soon buses from many other points will be added to meet both the departures.

The corporation is also planning a road show next week to popularise the service. Srinivas said services would pick up in the next few weeks owing to Dasara festivities, when there would be a “huge tourist flow.” “We are arranging pick-up points from tech firms and prominent hotels to improve the service,” he addded.

KSRTC  Bangalore Divisional Controller Central Division Kanganna Gowda said even though the service was presently incurring losses, it would pick up in the next two months.

“Though the department has no plans of introducing any pick-up points en route,” he claimed “the service is showing an improving trend.”

On any given trip, there are only five to six passengers who are availing of the services everyday.

There have also been instances when the service has been provided just for three passengers. The maximum number of passengers on any trip till date has been 16.