HDK dares Siddaramaiah to form party & win 10 seats

HD Kumaraswamy dares Siddaramaiah to form party and win 10 seats

Siddaramaiah, who is the king of striking internal political deals, Kumaraswamy charged

JDS leader H D Kumaraswamy. Credit: DH Photo

Siddaramaiah, who constantly criticises JD(S), is in the shadow of a national party. Let him build a regional party to understand what it's like to build a party from scratch and sustain it, JD(S) leader H D Kumaraswamy charged at the Congress leader on Saturday. 

"I challenge him to build a regional party from scratch and win 10 seats on his own merit," Kumaraswamy said.

The regional party leader's comments came in the wake of Siddaramaiah's recent claims that the JD(S) had an understanding with the BJP, causing him to lose from Chamundehswari constituency in 2018 Assembly polls.

"Siddaramaiah, who is the king of striking internal political deals, should not be talking about JD(S) making deals. He claims he lost Chamundeshwari constituency because of JDS' internal deal with BJP. If that were true, would we have let him win in Badami," Kumaraswamy asked.

The regional party leader further alleged that Siddaramaiah himself had struck so many political deals behind the scenes that if he were true to himself, he would have to quit Congress party for being a traitor. "Let him reflect upon the kind of deals he struck during 2013 Assembly elections. Wasn't he the one who started conspiring on toppling the coalition government very soon after JD(S) and Congress came to power together?"