Hassan cops equipped with body worn cameras

Hassan cops equipped with body worn cameras to reduce traffic violations

Assistant sub-inspector of police Nayak with body worn cameras, imposes a fine for traffic violation in Hassan. DH PHOTO

Those violating traffic rules will have to cough up heavy fines, as policemen in Hassan city are manning the traffic, equipped with body worn cameras, providing evidence, if required.

With traffic violations on the rise in Hassan, the police have started using body-worn cameras. Motorbike riders and car drivers used to speed away at times and it was difficult to identify and penalise them. However, such people would be caught with video evidence and will have to face action.

Superintendent of Police R Srinivas Gowda has directed the traffic police to be equipped with body worn cameras, to enforce strict traffic rules. Although the Police department was provided 40 body-worn cameras two years ago, only a few were using them. Thus, many people used to argue with the police and try to escape, after being intercepted. It had become difficult to chase them and identify the vehicles.

The traffic police intercept the vehicles for checking driving license, insurance and other documents. There were allegations against the police about accepting bribe and leaving the violators and sometimes providing receipt for lesser amounts. The body cameras will now put an end to all such complaints.

Now, PSI, ASI and all staff of traffic police stations have started wearing body cameras, while on duty. Their interaction with the public are recorded on the cameras. If the public deny the violations, the cops can verify the cameras for confirmation.