ACB sleuths catch home guards unit officer taking bribe

ACB sleuths catch home guards unit officer taking a bribe

ACB personnel caught a unit officer of home guards red-handed, while he was taking bribe from his subordinates, on Wednesday.

Rudrappa, a resident of Matnalli village, is the arrested. He used to accept kickbacks of Rs 1,000 from his subordinate staff members per month, on the threat of transferring them to different locations.

Fed up by the harassment and corrupt practice of the unit officer, one of the staff members submitted a complaint to the ACB in this regard.

The ACB personnel detained Rudrappa while he was receiving the bribe near Raghavendra canteen at the private bus stand.

A case has been registered against Rudrappa and the investigation is on.

DySP Sadananda Tippannavanar, CPI Sridhar, PSI Shilpa and other staff took part in the operation.