Demand for wild lemons shoots up on 'Onam'

Demand for wild lemons shoots up on 'Onam'

Vendors purchase wild lemons (Daggillikai) in bulk at the weekly shandy in Shanivarasanthe on Tuesday.

On the day of the weekly shandy, wild lemons (Vadukkapuli Naranga in Malayalam and known as ‘Daggillikayi’ and ‘Bandulli’ locally) made a brisk sale, as the fruit is associated with Onam.

It is considered auspicious to donate wild lemons along with other vegetables on Onam day. Therefore, the fruit will be in great demand during Onam. Vadukkapuli is used in the preparation of pickles and porridge.

Local farmers had brought the wild lemons to the market, early in the morning. The fruit is also grown in houses by residents.

Vendors from other places came to Shanivarasanthe to purchase wild lemons in bulk. Another reason for the huge demand was the less supply of the citrus fruit to the market, following rain. 

Growers were happy as each sac containing 20 kilo wild lemons fetched Rs 800 and per kilo fruit was worth Rs 40. As wild lemons are huge in size, two fruits will weigh one kilo.

Muhammed Khan, a vendor, said that the wild lemons are sold in 20 kilo sacs during Onam festival and in kilos during the rest of the days. ‘Bandulli’ fruits purchased from Shanivarasanthe are supplied to Kerala, Talapady, Kottayam, Alve, Manandavadi, Badukere and Coimbatore.