DySP death: ‘Previous govt did not cooperate with CBI’

DySP death: ‘Previous govt did not cooperate with CBI’

DySP Ganapathi

The CBI team has submitted the report on the death of DySP M K Ganapathi to JMFC Court and the government will provide all cooperation to ensure justice to Ganapathi’s family, MLA K G Bopaiah said.

“The truth will be known only after obtaining a copy of the 262-page report,” the MLA said on Thursday.

“If a B-summary report is filed (report citing lack of evidence), the family members, who are complainants in the case, can approach the court. We need answers to understand the compelling reasons behind the death of an honest officer,” he said.

Ganapathi’s brother M K Machaiah said as the case was being heard in the Supreme Court, it was expected that the CBI would submit the final report in Supreme Court. But as a private complaint was filed in Madikeri court, the report was submitted to Madikeri court. The details in the report are not known.

“We will take a decision on continuing the legal fight after looking at the report,” he added.

He said the previous state government did not cooperate with CBI in carrying out the investigation.

“However, the family has been fighting for justice. The family did not get justice in the CID investigation as well. Thus we filed a plea in the Supreme Court,”
he added.