Govt promises funds for Kombaru bridge

Govt promises funds for Kombaru bridge

The footbridge made of bamboo and arecanut tree logs used by the residents to cross a stream at Mettutharu in Kombaru village.

Following a writ petition in the High Court, the state government has finally promised to sanction funds for a bridge at Kombaru. The residents had appealed to elected representatives to construct a bridge and road to connect the village.

The residents of Manibhanda, Mettutharu, Perandodi, Amchooru and Terebeedi were demanding a bridge at Mettutharu in Kombaru village for decades. Residents faced great hardship during monsoon. But all their pleas fell on deaf ears. As a last resort, they decided to file a case in the high court.

Legal battle 

Amchooru resident Bhuvaneshwar Hegde filed the case on behalf of other villagers in the high court in 2015.  In his petition, he said that the residents had appealed to all elected representatives including the Prime Minister to construct a bridge and a road. The high court directed the government to take measures to construct the bridge within a month.

But neither the ZP nor the government implemented HC’s orders. Again Bhuvaneshwar was forced to file a contempt petition in the high court.

Admitting the petition, the high court single bench judge Justice S Sunil Datt directed the chief secretary to appear for a hearing scheduled on March 14.

On March 14, the state government declared that it had sanctioned Rs 40 lakh for a bridge at Mettutharu in Kombaru and a road connecting the bridge. The work on bridge will begin after Lok Sabha elections end.

Social activist Ramakrishna Hollaru said; “Residents were demanding the bridge and the road for 10 years. The court has now delivered justice in favour of residents.”  Bhuvanesh said; “When elected representatives ignore our demands, courts are our last resort.”