Kushalnagar cattle fair reflects rich rural culture

Kushalnagar cattle fair reflects rich rural culture

Pradeep Kumar, a farmer from Arkalgud, exhibits his pair of bullocks during the cattle fair in Kushalnagar.

The 99th cattle fair was organised by the Ganapathy Temple Committee, Kushalnagar, on the occasion of the temple annual fair, at the Jatra ground in Gundu Rao Layout on Monday.

The cattle exhibition had been confined to a day. This year, however, the fair has been extended to three days. Hundreds of cattle have already been brought to the ground.

Farmers from Koodige, Hebbale, Kanive, Halagonte, Shirangala and Arkalgud brought different varieties of cattle, sheep and dogs to the exhibition. Students and people from various villages have been thronging the Jatra ground to watch the cattle fair.

The owners of expensive varieties of cattle were seen explaining the speciality of their cattle to the visitors. Mixed variety ‘Hallikar’ cattle were the centre of attraction. The prices of the cattle ranged from Rs 5,000 to Rs five lakh.

The Ganapathy Temple Seva Samiti has been conducting the expo, in order to encourage farmers in the region. The farmers are also facilitated to sell their cattle for rearing. The temple committee has made necessary arrangements to provide water, fodder and shade for the cattle.

Pradeep Kumar, a farmer from Chowdenahalli, Arkalgud, said that he has been taking part in the cattle fair from the past many years. The temple committee has provided facilities for the cattle and the farmers free of cost, he added.

Owners of the best cattle in the fair were awarded prizes in various categories. Veterinarians Dr V R Suresh and Dr Chamaraj examined the cattle and score them on the basis of their health, looks and behaviour.