MLA’s abusive remarks go viral

MLA’s abusive remarks go viral

Foul language said to have been allegedly uttered by Mudigere MLA M P Kumaraswamy has gone viral on social media.

It is said that when a person by name Padmaraj from Kalasa called the MLA on phone regarding the flood situation in the district, the latter spoke to him in a harsh manner, along with hurling abuses.

An audio clip contains the dialogue between the two. Padmaraj asks why the MLA was not responding to the phone calls even though there is a severe flood in the region. He also complains that the officials are not responsive.

MLA Kumaraswamy replies that the DC, SP and other officials cannot go beyond Baluru as the roads have been disconnected. A request has been made for a chopper and the matter will be looked into tomorrow.

Padmaraj asks the elected representative why there was dilly-dallying in the rescue operations even though 12 people from a family went missing from the last 48 hours. He also expresses his concern on the flood affected people in Madhugundi. 

In a furious tone, the MLA allegedly asks the caller to drop the call, reiterating that there is no route from Kottigehara.

Padmaraj asks the MLA to speak in the right manner. The MLA allegedly uses an offensive word and then threatens the caller.