Renovation of Akkanagalambike Gadduge in progress

Renovation of Akkanagalambike Gadduge in progress

The Gadduge of Akkanagalambike in Tarikere.

The renovation of Akkanagalambike Gadduge is in progress at Tarikere.

Akkanagalambike had fought against soldiers of Bijjala ruler to protect Vachana Sahithya in the 12th century and the Gadduge is likely to become Sharana Samskrithi Study Centre and tourist spot in the future. 

Situated just one and a half kilometre away from the bus stand in Tarikere, the Gaddude is situated in Akkanagamma Colony and throws open the history of Sharana heritage. 

Akkanagalambike, also called Akka Nagamma, was the elder sister of Basavanna. 

She played a vital role in shaping the life of Basavanna. Nagalambike showed an exemplary efficiency at Anubhavamantapa. She also received Deekshe from Basavanna and engaged in the propagation of principles of Basavanna. After the Kalyaana revolution, she went to Uluvi leading the other sharanas.

Along with Sharanas, Akka Nagamma visited Tarikere and stayed at Sheela Sampadana Yennehole Mutt to propagate Basava principles. She was engaged in discourse, dasoha and work at the Mutt.

Hundreds of Sharanas had received linga deekshe from a village and the village was named as Lingadahalli, said an inscription found nearby. 

After the death of Akka Nagamma, it was Palegara Bhadrappa Naik who constructed a tomb (Gadduge), said Gadduge Samithi member Bhadravathi Basavaraju.

Writer Go Ru Channabasappa, folk scholar K R Lingappa had been striving for the rejuvenation of Gadduge since 1948.

Former President B D Jathi had laid the foundation for renovation works in 1980. The state government has spent more than Rs 2.5 crore for the renovation work so far. 

The development works near the Gadduge are in progress under the guidance of Sanehalli Peetadish Panditaradhya Shivacharya Swami. The work on the hall, park with sculptures spreading the message on Sharanas, Aikya Mantapa, Yatri Nivasa is being carried out on three acres land. 

Sanehalli Peetadish Panditaradhya Shivacharya Swami said, “We are committed to re-introducing the neglected Akkanagalambike to the people, by renovating the Gadduge. We are mulling over developing it as a Vachana study centre.” 

Renovation Committee President and MLA D S Suresh said, “Akkanagalambike Study Chair should be started at Kuvempu University.”