White Doves reunites destitute man with family

White Doves reunites destitute man with family

Basavaraju along with his family members and Corrine Rasquinha.

A destitute rescued by White Doves, was reunited with his family.

In April, Corrine Rasquinha, while driving back home from work, found a destitute clad in rags, unshaven for months and lying on the road near Souza arcade, Balmatta Road. He was found to be thirsty and seemed to have had no food for weeks.

Corrine, with the help of her manager Jerald Fernandes, took him to White Doves. The destitute who revealed his name as Basavaraju recovered at White Doves faster and was able to recollect images of his village.  Basavaraju was also polio-stricken and weak in the limbs.

Corrine Rasquinha said that after taking him to the Home of White Doves, he was bathed, fed and given a bed to sleep. After uninterrupted counselling, he slowly regained his memory and shared details of his hometown and relatives. His family was contacted and they were happy to know their Basavaraju was alive in Mangaluru and in safe care.

On Monday morning, his brother-in-law and elder brother visited White Doves and took Basavaraju back to their hometown in Challekere taluk Chitradurga. With this, White Doves now boasts of a unique record of reuniting 386 people with their families.

White Doves which is in its 25th year has rehabilitated over 650 destitutes including men, women and children found loitering on the streets. Presently White Doves runs a 200-bed, first of its kind, psychiatric nursing and destitute home in Maroli.