Modi hails state Yuva Morcha for improving BJP's image in Karnataka

Modi hails state Yuva Morcha for improving BJP's image in Karnataka

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who interacted with members of Karnataka BJP’s Yuva Morcha through Namo App on Monday alleged that the Congress was trying to create “confusion” among the public, by claiming that there would be a hung Assembly.

“This is untrue, as there was a wave in favour of the BJP in the state,” he said. “I am observing the electoral atmosphere in Karnataka. I can see that the Yuva Morcha members are doing good work and making people aware of the people- friendly initiatives taken by the BJP-led Central government,” he told them.

Modi also said that the BJP was working towards skill development, innovations and technology for the empowerment of the youth and other parties in the state were spreading a “sense of fear” among the public over the use of technology.

Responding to questions by the members of the Morcha, Modi said that there was no place for violence in the politics of a democracy. “This happens when a political party loses its balance and does not have any platform to talk or debate and further cannot face the truth. In such cases they resort to political violence,” he said.

Modi said that BJP party workers with a different nationalistic ideology in Tripura, Kerala and Karnataka, had become victims of political violence.

“The BJP condemns political violence, as such practices never lead to any solutions. BJP workers never follow the path of revenge in politics and therefore maintain the dignity of democracy. It ensures that it is committed to clean political ideology,” he added.

While India was carving a space for itself in the area of innovation through StartUp India, Bengaluru has become the hub of start-ups and innovations of the country, he added.