Now, diary for government school students too

Now, diary for government school students too

The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has introduced a diary system for government school students from the current academic year. The department has been distributing diaries free of cost to students across the state.

The system has been introduced to bridge the communication gap between the teachers and parents and also to inform both them about the academic activities.

All students, from class 1 to 10, are expected to carry the diary every day to their schools.

The 152-page diary contains details about the academic activities, list of holidays, school programmes, emergency phone numbers and details of the teachers.

The teachers will mention their remarks about the students and the parents will be asked to check the diary every day.

If the student is absent from school, the parents should mention the reason for the leave.

Deputy Director for Public Instruction Manjula said the system has been introduced to inform the parents about their wards’ activities, various government programmes available for students in government schools, etc.

The diary helps the parents and teachers know more about the activities of the students and also helps them to monitor the progress of the students.

In the district, the diaries have been issued to all students in Kollegal, Hanur and Yelandur taluks (except Chamarajanagar taluk), she said.

The first three pages of the diary have been reserved for the personal details of the students. The national and state anthems have also been printed on the diary, the officer added.