Now, resort politics to save C'durga ZP chief's chair

Now, resort politics to save C'durga ZP chief's chair

The resort politics trend, which was so far found only among the MLAs of the state, has now taken Chitradurga Zilla Panchayat by storm, with Congress leaders shepherding their ZP members to Goa on a ‘pilgrimage’.

Sources informed DH that as many as 24 members had been taken to Goa on Friday night, so that they are prevented from being poached.

The Congress took to 'resort politics' after 31 members, cutting across party lines, of the Zilla Panchayat submitted a no-confidence motion against president Soubhagya Basavaraj.

Leaders found that there was lack of unity among the members and the no-confidence motion could be defeated. To help Soubhagya retain her president's post, the Congress ferried its members to Goa. At 10:45 pm on Friday, 24 members were driven out of the city in a Volvo bus and a few cars.

“The members are being taken out on a pilgrimage as there is a two-day holiday,” said a senior leader.

The ‘excursion’ gains significance after former minister H Anjaneya, MP B N Chandrappa, MLA T Raghumurthy, former minister D Sudhakar, B G Govindappa and others held a closed-door meeting with the members.