PU Board retracts laptop ban within few hours

PU Board retracts laptop ban within few hours

In a matter of hours, the Pre-University (PU) Board withdrew its old order, and lifted the ban on the use of laptops, but retained the ban on the use of mobiles, on Friday. The retraction came in the light of protests by students against the ban. 

In the older circular on Friday morning, the PU department had imposed a ban on both mobile phones and laptops.

However, after receiving sharp criticism from the students, the board withdrew the circular passed on Friday morning and lifted the ban on laptops. But the ban on the use of mobile phones remains. 


Asadullah Khan, joint director of the PU Board, clarified that there was a clerical error in the first circular and the board had retracted it. A new circular stating only use of mobile phones was banned was passed, she added. 

The old circular 

The Karnataka PU Board on Friday passed a circular banning the use of mobile phones and laptops by PU colleges students. The circular was applicable to government and aided colleges across the state.

The order had banned students from using mobiles and laptops during in campuses during college hours. The ban made students furious.

"It makes sense to ban mobiles. But why laptops? Laptops are a part of present-day academics. Banning laptops is a senseless decision," a PU student said. 

Students pointed out that laptops were essential for commerce and science students.