PU lecturers warn of boycotting evaluation

PU lecturers warn of boycotting evaluation

Even as the pre-university exams are underway, lecturers from across the state have threatened to boycott evaluation if their demands are not fulfilled.

Even in previous years, the Karnataka State PU Colleges Lecturers Association had threatened to do so, claiming that the department does not heed to their requests otherwise. They say that as per the written assurance given by the government, the lecturers must get a second pay hike.

Lectures have been up in arms against the department that a stipulated 60 days of leave is not given to them after the academic year to help them refresh and prepare for the next year. “The department must announce leave for the whole of April and May,” they asked.

Thimayya Purle, president of the Association, has sought that the department also constitute a committee to weigh the workload given to them.

Instead of allocating 20 hours for teaching Mathematics, they have asked that 16 hours a week be stipulated and that a batch of only 30 students be fixed for practical classes.

They have asked that those who have cleared NET, SLET, PhD be given better positions in colleges.