State may seek simulation models to train doctors

State may seek simulation models to train doctors

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The state may soon approach Singapore International Foundation for simulation models to train doctors in deliveries and care of the just born.

The simulation models help doctors get a hands-on approach by presenting situations before they enter labour rooms.

Doctors will have to perform on the models before dealing with actual situations. They will be allowed to perform on patients after effective performance on the models. 

Speaking after conclusion of a three-year collaboration between the countries on antenatal and child healthcare in Karnataka at a healthcare symposium, Dr Rajkumar N, deputy director, maternal health said,”We will seek a model for Kalaburagi.” 


The procurement of models is a challenge as they are not manufactured in India. The department will discuss with experts to take a decision in this regard, he said. 

Maternal mortality has dipped to 65 deaths from 114 for one lakh in the last four years.

Enhancing Maternal and Child Health Services (EMCH) Programme has benefited over one lakh pregnant mother and

About 45 doctors and 11 staff nurses from Karnataka were trained in Singapore. Of them, 31 master trainers underwent additional training on how to impart their knowledge to their peers in the industry.

Led by SingHealth, multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals from Singapore General Hospital worked with their Indian counterparts in government healthcare institutions in 26 districts across Karnataka to reduce maternal mortality and infant mortality rates.

Professor Ivy Ng, SingHealth’s Group Chief Executive Officer, said, “Our obstetricians, neonatologists, midwives and senior nurses have benefited from exchange of knowledge as they interacted with the healthcare teams in Karnataka.”