'Succession to Mysore throne a private concern'

'Succession to Mysore throne a private concern'

Family will abide by decision of Pramoda Devi, says Wadiyar's nephew Varchus

'Succession to Mysore throne a private concern'

Choosing the successor to Srikantadatta Wadiyar is a private, personal concern and can only be symbolic as far as the public is concerned, Varchus Vin S S Raje Urs, the nephew of the late scion of Mysore royal family, has said. 

Capturing the mood in the royal family after the death of Wadiyar, Varchus asserted that no decision had been taken on succession yet. “There has been no discussion on the matter. Whenever a decision is taken, we will make it public. I say it is symbolic because the family does not play any major public role nor is it connected to administration and governance in anyway and we don’t have a direct impact on the public,” he told Deccan Herald. “In this sense, it does not concern the people or it is a concern only of the royal family. To that extent it is not something to be discussed or addressed publicly.” 

Varchus said the family was now looking to Pramoda Devi, the wife of Wadiyar. “We will abide by whatever decision she takes. She will guide the family on how the succession should unfold. She would know how to go about it, but she is not discussing the matter because she and the entire family are still coming to terms with the untimely demise of my uncle. Only yesterday we immersed the ashes. We’re still in shock.” 

Would Kantharaj Urs or Varchus himself be the successor? “I am not comfortable discussing this. We are one family in everything we do and we will do whatever aunt (Pramoda Devi) asks us to do. We look at things unanimously. I know our aunt will do what is right and she will suggest the direction we should go in. She is a pillar of strength.” 

‘Continue the tradition’

What would he like the successor to do? “He should continue the family’s history, tradition and heritage. We have to carry forward the values our ancestors taught us. It was love for their king that drove people to pay tributes to my uncle. We should be able to retain that respect.” Varchus further said that it was up to Devi to live where she was comfortable. “She owns homes in Mysore and Bangalore. She will decide on staying where she feels at peace.” 

The bitter battle between the State government and the Mysore royal family over ownership of Palace Grounds would not subside after the death of Wadiyar, the nephew asserted. “His demise won’t make a difference to the legal battle. There may not be any change of heart from the government’s side. But if the government takes a step to resolve the matter out of court, we would be more than happy to respond and work out things amicably. Every issue is pending before the Supreme Court. No decision can be taken without issues getting sorted out legally.”