Tepid response for loan waiver in S’mogga

Tepid response for loan waiver in S’mogga

Shivamogga, the land of many farmers’ movements, stands last in loan waiver scheme in the state.

According to the district administration, of the 1,06,760 debt-ridden farmers in the district, only 8,000 farmers have enrolled their names in banks from where they borrowed loans, under the loan waiver scheme.

The district administration asked farmers to register their names in commercial banks and co-operative banks from where they borrowed farm loans before December 31 to avail the benefits of the loan waiver scheme.

But so far, the response from farmers is poor and it has become a matter of concern.

As per the norms, they have to furnish land records to the bankers and obtain tokens after registering their names under the

Deputy Commissioner K A Dayananda expressed shock over the poor response from farmers.

He said, “We anticipated that farmers would stand in long queues in commercial and co-operative banks to register their names under the scheme. But the response is lukewarm. The reason is not known. So far, less than 10% of farmers have registered their names in banks under the scheme.”

Dayananda said 33,000 farmers had borrowed loans from co-operative banks and 76,000 from commercial banks.

Farmers owe Rs 903 crore to commercial banks and Rs 139 crore to co-operative banks. In total, loans to the tune of Rs 1,069 crore have to be waived in the district.