Top cop warns law-breakers of stern action

Top cop warns law-breakers of stern action

Commissioner of Police Dr P S Harsha interacts with people accused of being involved in rowdyism during parade at the police community hall in Mangaluru on Wednesday.

Prevent frequent police raids to your houses and spare your families acute humiliation, Mangaluru Commissioner of Police Dr P S Harsha told the rowdies at the parade organised at the police community hall in Pandeshwar on Wednesday.

He urged the rowdy sheeters not to take law into their hands in future. A total of 355 rowdy sheeters had participated in the parade.

The commissioner also offered an opportunity for rowdy sheeters to turn a new leaf. Dr Harsha said that if the rowdy sheeters display good behaviour for six months by visiting the police station every Monday, keeping the station house officer (SHO) informed of their activities, and attending court trials without violating the bail conditions, then the police will extend all help to bring them to the mainstream of society.

“We will help these rowdy sheeters rebuild their lives by availing of benefits under different welfare schemes of the Central and state governments,” he added.

The commissioner, however, warned of taking strict legal action against those who break the law with impunity.

Dr Harsha later told reporters after the parade at police community hall, “No one is born with criminal intent. All are citizens of India and if they pledge to reform, then the civil society will also support them.”

The commissioner of police said that a special unit will be set up at his office to help the members of rowdy sheeters’ families to develop some skill and eke out a living. “Self help groups will provide information on such skill training for family members. The training will begin in September. This move is to ensure that children do not follow their fathers – instead, they live a life with dignity,” said the officer.

“The police have kept strict vigil on rowdy sheeters. Under the new beat system, ‘My Beat My Pride’, the police can reach out to a large section of the society. If they wish to transform, then the police can help them,” he stressed.