Vision Group's plans to promote science

Vision Group's plans to promote science

Panel submits a set of 21 comprehensive programmes to be implemented across the State

Vision Group's plans to promote science

science and vision: Vision Group Chairman Prof C N R Rao at a meeting with Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa in Bangalore on Wednesday. dh photo

Constituted in 2008 under the chairmanship of Prof C N R Rao, the VGST comprised eminent scientists, educationists and industrialists to popularise science education across the state with a greater emphasis on strong foundation in pure sciences.

One of the programmes listed by the VGST is the Karnataka Vijnana Vidya Jagruti (KVVJ), a direct student–scientist contact science education programme. The programme will be organised for two days in all the 33 educational districts to create interest and excitement on studies and research in science.

Another programme is the Karnataka Vijnana Shibira or State-Level Student-Scientist Direct Contact Programme to inspire young minds through an interaction with scientists and leaders of science and technology from all the districts of the State.

The other programmes on the agenda are refresher courses for high school science teachers, Pre-University college lecturers, engineering college faculty members aimed at content enrichment in core science subjects; establishment of science clubs in high schools to organise activities based on concepts of science to stimulate scientific temper and rationale among students.

According to the VGST, science melas aimed at taking science to the masses, inculcating scientific temper, curiosity among student community, will be organised in January 2010 in all the 39 most backward talukas. Establishment of Science Centres with museum at Dharwad, Mangalore, Mysore, Shimoga and Gulbarga and sub-regional science centres in all the district head quarters in a phased manner. Hardware and software will be provided to 50 engineering colleges for accessing high quality material under the National Programme on Technology Enhancement and Learning (NPTEL) Activity in the first phase.

Institute and scholarship

An Industrial and Technology Research Institute is to be set up to encourage technological innovation and development. Besides, seed money to young scientists aimed at encouraging research among the faculty members working in universities, colleges and research institutions; and awards for research publications, outstanding teacher awards for innovative science teaching are also in the pipeline.  

Some of the other programmes are production of science films, upgradation of cluster-level science laboratory facilities in selected high school and pre-university colleges, establishment of Centres of Excellence in science, engineering and medicine, Centres of Innovative Science Education and providing science CD/DVDs to high schools and pre-university colleges.

VGST’s new initiatives   

-  Organising Science and Technology Conference which aims at discussing issues pertaining to the interest of the state.

-  Creation of a funding mechanism for upgrading infrastructure in universities

-  Subject Based Inter-University Conferences

-  Launching of ‘Karnataka Science Web Portal’

-  10 science clubs each in all the 39 backward talukas of the State to be established.