'Stress in education reason for student suicides'

'Stress in education reason for student suicides'

Well-known psychiatrist Dr Ravish Tunga at a phone-in programme organised on the Prajavani-Deccan Herald premises at Yenepoya Chambers on Thursday.

High level of stress in education, lack of coping skills, and exposure are the main factors behind increasing student suicide rate, Dr Ravish Tunga has said.

The renowned consultant psychiatrist was speaking at a phone-in programme organised on the Prajavani-Deccan Herald office premises at Yenepoya Chambers on Thursday.

“Suicides of college students and teenagers are just the tip of the iceberg. Students unable to cope with problems, going into depression. The condition, unless identified in early stages, becomes a tipping point in many suicide cases,” he explained.

The psychiatrist, responding to a query from a resident in Puttur on why a talented girl in II PU committed suicide, said that an adolescent who is neither a child nor an adult allows emotions to dominate his or her analytical thinking. “Many with a death wish are not frightened about death as they are not conscious about the ramifications of their decisions. It is a one-way traffic,” he said.

When a home maker from Bantwal complained that her son in SSLC was addicted to the mobile phone and television, Dr Tunga agreed that mobile phones were the biggest menace. “Mobile usage is not bad, but it should not be abused. Banning mobile phone usage is not practical. It is up to us to ensure the restricted use of cell phones,” he said.

He cited his own example where his daughter used either his or his wife’s cell phone.

When a resident in Udupi complained that his son was an introvert, Dr Tunga advised the caller to spend time with his son and make regular visits to the houses of

He urged educational institutions to understand the threshold level of each student and appoint counsellors to encourage students to understand their own weaknesses.

“Parents should not eye the prospects but understand the capabilities of their children,” he added.

Beyond suicidal thoughts

Expert advice for adults on how to bring them out of their suicidal thoughts:

* Adolescents impulsively decide on death. At that moment, if the mind is diverted, they will not attempt suicide in their lifetime.

* Instil courage, spend time with them and encourage them not to allow emotion cloud their analytical thinking. With lot of love, help children overcome their addiction to drugs.