Bookrack for the week (Aug 30 to Sep 5)

Bookrack for the week (Aug 30 to Sep 5)

New releases of the week (Aug 30 to Sep 5)

Unearthed: The Environmental
History of Independent India

Meghaa Gupta

Puffin 2020, pp 232, Rs 299

From the Green Revolution to the National Action Plan on Climate Change, this book chronicles the country’s historical movements and significant green missions since 1947.


Girl Made Of Gold

Gitanjali Kolanad

Juggernaut 2020, pp 256, Rs 499

Thanjavur, the 1920s. One night, the young devadasi Kanaka disappears and, as if in her place, a statue of a woman in pure gold mysteriously appears in the temple to which she was to be dedicated. Through the story of Kanaka’s disappearance, the author gives us a beautifully realised world.


A Second Chance

Sudeep Nagarkar

Westland 2020, pp 224, Rs 225

Disha has always been shy and wary and finds it difficult to make friends. Having grown up with parents who bicker all the time, she craves warmth and harmony. This book is the story of her search to find the love she deserves.


The Women Who Forgot To
Invent Facebook

Nisha Susan

Westland 2020, pp 232, Rs 499

The stories in this dazzling debut collection tap into the rich vein of love, violence and intimacy that technology, particularly the Internet, has brought to the lives of Indians over the last two decades.


A Bend In Time

Multiple Authors

Talking Cub 2020, pp 176, Rs 199

In this collection of stories and essays by
children and young adults from different parts of India, we see heartrending and
deeply emotional narratives of lives lost and the stark inequalities that the pandemic has laid bare.