Read Of The Week (Aug 8 to Aug 14)

Read Of The Week (Aug 8 to Aug 14)

The Art Of Conjuring Realities

The Art Of Conjuring Alternate Realities

How do politicians in today’s world attain power? How do nations become powerful? Why do human beings follow others unquestioningly, even if it is to their own detriment? What factors determine which politicians, nations and organisations will dominate the modern world?

Through much of human history, societal control was determined by militaristic strength. Individuals and tribes fought to control vital resources and land. In the next part of evolution marked by colonialism and the emergence of mega-corporations, money determined power. In the recent decade, the key to supremacy has shifted again. The power and control individuals, leaders and nations have is now determined by their ability to mould the information environment.

In The Art of Conjuring Alternate Realities, Shivam Shankar Singh and Anand Venkatanarayanan dive into the operations of political parties, cyber criminals, godmen, nation states and intelligence agencies from around the world to explain how the power to manipulate your thoughts is being harnessed, and how information warfare is shaping your life and world. A first-of-its-kind book in the Indian context, this gives a wide overview of cyber warfare from authors who are authorities in the fields of data analysis, political consultancy and information technology.