Intern to professional

Intern to professional

 Securing a job in the company where you have interned saves you the trouble of endless applications and interviews.

The internship is an integral part of all professional courses. It generally lasts for about two to three months in which period the intern gains real-time experience on the job. It is important that students conduct themselves professionally in the company where they are interning, this may extend full-time job offers to them. This will enable the students to skip the tedious process of job-hunting after graduation. 

 It is good to study about the company in detail before your internship starts. Research and learn as much as you can about the industry in general and the organisation in particular. Go through their website and refer to trade journals and magazines. Talk to acquaintances who are from the same background. 

Take it seriously

Whether it is an unpaid internship or one with stipend, you should not take it casually. It is essential that you report to work on time, every day. Make a good first impression. Read the company’s policies carefully regarding dress code, break timings and others and make sure you follow them. Avoid using office facilities for personal use. Remember as an intern you are always under close observation. For students, it may just be an opportunity to learn on the job, employers on their part take it as a cost-effective recruitment strategy. After all, an internship is perhaps the best way for a company to assess a candidate’s capabilities than any interview possibly can. 

In the first few days, take every opportunity to introduce yourself to as many employees as possible. They may not be directly related to the assignment you are working on but it will definitely help you build your professional network. If anybody from previous batches in your college is working in the same organisation make sure you develop a rapport with him or her. Their recommendations will act as a strong reference if at any point your supervisor thinks of hiring you as a full-time employee. Be proactive and carry-out the given tasks efficiently.

Try and approach easy and repetitive tasks with enthusiasm. Pay attention to detail. In this way, you will gain the trust of your supervisor who will assign more responsibilities on you thereafter. Talk with your supervisor and colleagues on your areas of improvement and work it out accordingly. It will help you live up to their expectations. Another challenge in the corporate world is to maintain the deadline for all the tasks allocated to you. If for some reason you feel that it will not be possible for you to complete an assignment on time do inform your supervisor well in advance.
In case you do not have much work to do, ask for additional work. If you have the permission you can even assist others and acquire some new skills in the process. You should show your willingness to learn as much as you can in this short stint. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you are uncertain about something. Think of ways in which you can be indispensable to the organisation so that they will be left with no choice but to hire you.

Be proactive

Again a good way of converting your internship into a full-time job is by showcasing yourself as a team player. Be positive and have a go-getter attitude. As your internship comes to an end, ask the HR or even your supervisor about your chances of a full-time job in the same company. There is nothing that should hold you back. Unless you talk to the authorities concerned you will never know. In turn, they will also be aware that you enjoyed being there and interested in converting your internship into a full-time role On the last day, it is advisable to present a thank you note to your supervisor and others for all their help and guidance. This will create a favourable impression and help them recall your name next time you approach any of them. Once you return to your university it is important to stay in touch with the employees over there so that you may get to know of an opening in the organisation.

Turning your internship into a full-time job offer is all about being enthusiastic, exhibiting professional behaviour and showing a genuine interest in the company. It is also about your ability to gel well with others to ensure that you are a good fit with the company’s culture. So, create a positive impression to land a job in the company you interned. 

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