'Will not take law into hands on Valentine’s Day'

'Will not take law into hands on Valentine’s Day'

Sri Rama Sene supremo Pramod Mutalik said that the Sene will not take law into its own hands during Valentine’s Day. The Sene is totally against Valentine’s Day celebrations and will remain committed to putting an end to it, he added.

Speaking to the media on his arrival to Udupi to take part in the meeting held by Hindu Jana Jagruthi, Mutalik said it was better to worship parents, rather than celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

“Valentine’s Day is a Christian festival. Hindus should not embrace alien culture. The Sene will submit memoranda to all deputy commissioners in the state requesting them to stop the celebration,” he added. The Durga Sene would create awareness amongst youth against Valentine’s Day, Muthalik said. He added that the Sene would join hands with the police and help them curb ‘unethical activities’.

Muthalik said that the Sene members would inform the police about illegal and ‘disruptive behaviour’ at parks and on roads. Mutalik said that Karnataka’s political scenario was worsening daily. “All the three political parties must be banished. It is hilarious that political parties defame each other and are busily engaged in releasing audio and video clips,” he said adding that the BJP must approach the court to prove its innocence in the audio clip released by the chief minister.

Mutalik said that the sincerity and commitment of Jana Sangha was absent in the BJP. “The party pretends to fight for Hindu rights. This is hilarious,” he added. He said Sri Rama Sene (and he) would not contest the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections and will remain away from ‘dirty politics’.

“There is no sincerity left in politics and no support for Hindu ideologies. Money is the only criterion for survival. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is far better than others in BJP. He has initiated people-friendly projects,” he said. 

Muthalik condemned the state government’s lackadaisical attitude in searching for the seven missing fishermen.