Music and dance review

Music and dance review

Music and dance review

Promising vocalist

His first album “Paramya” was released last week by “Chitrakoota Kalavidaru”. Chaitanya is a post graduate from the University of Purdue, USA, in noise control and acoustics and has been trained by Pandith Parameshwara Hegde.    

It was followed by a vocal concert by Chaitanya S. Bhat, freshening up with the strains of a wholesome Jog. The raga was developed leisurely, but confidently. Touching the pivotal swaras the raga gradually acquired a special delight and succeeded in highlighting its emotional overtones.

Marked for its melodic vision, the Purandara Dasa devaranama “Mooruthiyanu Nilliso” was also pleasing. No doubt Chaitanya Shankar Bhat has a bright future in the years to come. Madhusudhan Bhat and Gurucharan Garud accompanied on Harmonium and Thabala respectively.

New voices
A few organisations, encourage and support the budding and upcoming artistes, round the year. Some of them are teaching institutions and rest of them organize programmes to provide platform for young artistes.

The ‘Sangeethadhama’ conducts music classes under the direction of Mrithyunjaya Doddawad, in different branches of music, with special attention on Sugam Sangeeth.

The Sangeethadhama conducted a special programme called “Bharavaraseya Koralugalu”. In the programme held on Sunday at Nayana, several budding artistes of different ages sang a number of Kannada lyrics, mostly of less known poets. Sridevi Kudenuru, from Mysore sang “Manasu Mallige” (poet: Narayana Bhat) neatly, while Thanmayee Krishnamurthy sang “Neela Nabhake” (Bagur Markandeya) melodiously.

Akanksha Badami’s choice was “O Prema Sagarave” ( L.G. Meera). Anasuya Sharma’s ‘Ella Novano’ (K. Easwara Prasad) and Ganesh Sharma’s ‘Lekkaidalilla’ (H.K. Malali Gowdru).

“Sharanu Thaye” (B V. Aralappa) was selected by K. Suma and “Kalledu Hogide” (Anusha Singu) was rendered by Ramya Suraj. Navya Nagaraj ( Chandrasekhar Thalya) sang the concluding sang.

They all have been trained well but need stage experience. All the songs are tuned by Mrityunjaya Doddawada and a CD of all these young vocalists has been brought out.