Music therapy eases pain in muscles, joints

Music therapy eases pain in muscles, joints

It is characterised by restless sleep, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression and disturbances in bowel function. 

The experimental study, conducted by Maria Dolores Onieva Zafra at the Department of Nursery of the University of Granada, Spain, has shown that these two techniques enhance the well-being of fibromyalgia patients, the Pain Management Nursing journal reports.
Researchers applied a relaxation technique based on guided imagery and music therapy to patients, according to a Granada statement.

They were given a CD to listen at home. Then, researchers measured a number of variables associated with fribromyalgia symptoms, as pain intensity, quality of life and sleep disorders, among others.

The patients were given the chance to participate in their own treatment through an understanding of their condition.

The study confirms that the art of relaxation with guided imagery and receptive music therapy have proven effective in the alternative symptomatic treatment of this condition.