Conmen distract driver to steal Rs 4 lakh from car

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Conmen allegedly stole Rs 4 lakh belonging to a civil contractor by diverting the attention of his chauffeur on Saturday. The bag containing debit cards and other documents was kept in the back seat of the car that was parked near KR Market. 

Mohammed Kaleem, a civil contractor from Richmond Town, had come to BV K Iyengar Road to buy electrical goods for a building he was constructing. He asked his chauffeur Akhtar Basha to park on BVK Iyengar Road and stay in the car. He and two others then went to buy the goods. 

A few minutes later, four men walked up to Basha and told him some currency notes had fallen next to the car’s front door. Basha said it was not his money and refused to pick it up. 

The conmen didn’t give up. One of them asked Basha to reverse the car while two of the accomplices stood right behind.

As Basha was engrossed in the conversation, the fourth conman picked up the bag from the car’s back seat. All of them fled minutes later. 

Basha noticed that the bag was missing and called up Kaleem to enquire whether he had taken it along. Kaleem replied in the negative and rushed back to the car. 

Kaleem later filed a complaint at the City Market police station. Police are reviewing the CCTV footage to identify the gang.

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