Two held for selling Pangolin scales

Two held for selling Pangolin scales

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The police have arrested two men who were trying to sell Pangolin scales near the Rajkumar Samadhi in Nandini Layout on Wednesday.

Nagarjun (24) and Narasi Reddy (58) are natives of Anantpura. Four kilograms of Pangolin scale worth lakhs has been seized from them.

Police sub-inspector (PSI) Ramakrishna M and constables Abhishek, Prasad and Cholayah were on patrolling duty when they learnt from one of their informants that two men carrying a plastic bag were attempting to sell some animal’s scales.

They passed on the message to the police inspector, who asked them to inquire about it. With the help of another informant, after the police confirmed that it was Pangolin scales that the men were attempting to sell, the team rushed to the spot and surrounded them.

Nagarjun and Reddy were convincing people to buy the scales, saying they are worth several lakhs if they reach
China. The Nandini Layout police have taken up a case and booked the two accused under appropriate sections of the Wildlife (Protection) Act and the IPC.

On August 13, the police arrested two men from Mahalakshmi Layout for attempting to sell a live Pangolin and scales. The scaley ant-eaters are listed as endangered species and its scales are highly sought to adorn garments. The animal’s bones and scales are in demand as medicinal ingredients and its meat for delicacies in China and Vietnam.

Pangolin scales cost around 3,000 USD a kilogram in the black market, a senior police officer said.