Bangalureans seek justice for Kathua case

Bangalureans seek justice for Kathua case

People staging a protest holding a placard against rape and murder of a 8-year-old girl in Jammu and Kashmir's Kathua, on M G Road, in Bengaluru on Sunday. (DH Photo)

While some marched a distance to spread the message, some others chose to just hold placards and stand at a spot in silence. This weekend, the city rose to protest against the recent rapes that were reported in the country.

At the Indian Institute of Science, students, their family members and citizens gathered to raise their voice against the rising incidents of rape.

Several protestors drew parallels between the Nirbhaya case and that of Kathua case. Many also felt that the country was no longer safe for women.

The protesters voiced their opinions in more than one ways. They designed placards and posters in protest of the rape and murder at the event as well.

"She was just 8. How would someone feel like doing this to the child?" read one of the placards.

"The protest is not just against the brutal gang rape and murder of innocent young children, but also against lack of justice at all levels. This is a silent, peaceful and non-political meeting where people are encouraged to share their feelings by making posters followed by a candle-light holding," said Naveen B, one of the members of the student's council. 

He felt voicing opinions would help to spread their message. "We wish to send a strong message that women, girls and children should feel safe and secure. Our voices need to be heard especially when we need timely justice. A speedy action would go a long way in discouraging such monstrous atrocities," Naveen added.

Another unique voice was that of an artist near the RV College of Music and Fine Arts, who stood on the street painting image of the eight-year-old rape victim.

Similar protests took place near the Jakkur Cross, MG Road, Church Street, Kammanahalli, JVV Circle, NR Colony and other areas.

A similar event was seen at the Orion Mall in Rajajinagar where people staged a protest against the incident.
Subhashini, one of the protesters at Orion said,"It is not about being a woman or a girl. It is to do with being a human being first. I am a mother and can understand what the child would have gone through. Irrespective of the religion, whoever has done it, it is a heinous crime. This is not the kind of nation we want it to be."

On the social media as well, many took to Facebook and Twitter to express their views against the crime using hashtags #mystreetmyprotest and #citizensforjustice.

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