Koramangala residents interact with their candidates

Koramangala residents interact with their candidates

Koramangala residents interacted with the BTM Layout MLA and Home Minister, Ramalinga Reddy on Monday to bring the issues in their area under the spotlight.

For residents of Koramangala, 3rd Block, rampant commercialisation in residential areas topped the agenda as every main road was being crowded with business establishments. The area is also plagued with waterlogging whenever it rains heavily, which was also discussed.

Nitin Seshadri, one of the residents who participated in the interaction said that residents questioned the minister about roads, footpaths, frequent power cuts, inadequate water supply etc.

When a resident questioned the minister about the delay in payments to pourakarmikas, the minister reacted saying that he was not in charge of the Bengaluru development.

Reacting to another question about waterlogging, Reddy said that work related to the construction of stormwater drains is in progress and that once it is done, there would be no water logging issues.

Koramangala 4th block and S T Bed were badly affected during the 2017 monsoon where the city received a record rainfall and Koramangala was waterlogged after every rainfall.

Aam Aadmi Party candidate, Dr Syed Asad Abbas also participated in the interaction who in spite of being a resident of Koramangala was unaware of the issues.

The minister also interacted with the residents of Koramangala 1st Block. 

Padmashree, president of the Koramangala 1st Block RWA said that the residents spoke about the neglected condition of stormwater drains, that lead to frequent blocks and stagnation.

Residents also raised the issue of the road from Agara to Ejipura, which needs to cut across the defence area.

Ramalinga Reddy said that the centre has already approved and it is for the state government to take up the issue. Some disputes regarding the land acquisition were being sorted and once that was done, the road construction will be carried out.