Nina loves Kip!

 When it rains the ankle deep water carried lots of buttons, feathers, leaves with different hues.... Some yards away she saw something unusual and exciting, it was a black lump. It was moving in an unusual funny manner.

Nina went closer holding the umbrella with more grip since the current was faster. Going closer her excitement died away, it was only a drowning crow. It was badly maimed. Nina was scared of any kind of animals, birds or even insects. But her heart didn’t let her  leave the crow there drowning.

So she lifted the crow in her umbrella, draining all the water, took it home. Unknown to her mother who detested birds (especially crows) she ran to her shed. She was soaked from head to toe by the time she reached the shed. Shuddering she emptied her pockets of buttons into her junk box, she wrapped the crow with a blanket, giving it some  cabbage soup she bandaged the crow’s injured legs.

It became calmer after the soup. The soup had done the trick again. EVERYDAY Nina visited KIP (the crow) the first thing in the morning. KIP was getting better day by day. To Nina's happiness KIP lay on Nina's lap until her mother irritatingly called her for break fast.

 SOME days Later KIP started to limp. TO NINA's mother’s surprise her plate was becoming empty instead of filled with half eaten bread or rice.

KIP had a colossal appetite and was getting fatter day by day. By this time NINA STARTED LOVING KIP.

Finally the day came when Nina introduced KIP to her family.  Everyone had different opinions on adopting the bird. HER brother said "it stinks, dip it in water and don't use my shampoo you use it like cake cream, finish it off in seconds". HER dad "oh take it. As long as you take care of its droppings".

HER mother as usual made a fuss. She brought the roof down by shouting "you know I hate crows. I shall not have him". BUT AS everyone insisted on having KIP, her mom gave up. After a few days her mother became used to the cawing and droppings. Ever since they had a new member in the family-KIP.

Tara C Babu, VIIth
‘B’ ITI Central School.

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