US junked Headley wife's 26/11 alert

US junked Headley wife's 26/11 alert

US junked Headley wife's 26/11 alert

“Get lost” was what the US officials in Islamabad told the young Moroccan wife of 26/11 accused David Headley when she informed them that her husband was planning a terror attack in India with the help of the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT).

Headley’s 27-year-old Moroccan wife, Faiza Outalha, claims she even showed the US embassy officials a photo of Headley and herself in the Taj Mahal Hotel, where they stayed twice in April and May 2007. “Hotel records confirm their stay,”  “The New York Times” reported.

Outalha said that in two meetings with officials at the US embassy, she told them that her husband had many friends who were known members of the LeT.

“She said she told them that he was passionately anti-Indian, but that he travelled to India all the time for business deals that never seemed to amount to much,” the report said. However, “Get lost” was what the US officials  told her when she informed them about the  terror plot.

“I told them, he’s either a terrorist, or he’s working for you,” she recalled saying to American officials at the US Embassy.

“Indirectly, they told me to get lost.” “I told them anything I could do to get their attention,” she told “The NYT”. “It was as if I was shouting, ‘This guy was a terrorist! You have to do something.’”

A senior administration official confirmed Outalha’s meeting but said she could not give any details to her warnings. “The texture of the meeting was that her husband was involved with bad people, and they were planning jihad,” the official said. “But she gave no details about who was involved, or what they planned to target.”

Headley, 50, was married three times, “The NYT” reported––all at one at one point––Outalha, who is a medical student, a New York makeup artist and a conservative Pakistani Muslim.

Meanwhile, in her interview with “The NYT” in Morocco, Outalha also revealed some personal details about Headley like his penchant for American shows like Seinfeld and Jay Leno even while slamming the US for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Outalha, also said that she went to the American authorities to find out more about Headley’s true identity. An examination of Headley’s movements in the years before the Mumbai attacks, based on interviews in Washington, Pakistan, India and Morocco, shows that he had overlapping, even baffling, contacts among seemingly disparate groups — Pakistani intelligence, terrorists and American drug investigators, the NYT said.