A phenomenal fest

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Held from October 29 to 31, this fest was a unique blend of literary and cultural events that included a music show as well as a carnival. The highlight of the fest was Rock n’ Rolla or the battle of the bands, which was held on day one. The winner of this competition was Tiffin Box from St Joseph’s PU College. This band received a chance to open at The Great Indian Music Festival the very next day. The first day also witnessed many literary events. There were about 28 schools and colleges which took part in the fest and the total number of participants were almost 3,000.

Some of the events that were held were Catch 22, Stayin' Alive, Mock Rock, Mad Ads, Bail Out, Suit Up, Mojo Rising, Waka Waka and Taal. The other events included Dance Upon A Time, Can't Touch This, Sound of Music, JAM, Taboo, Quiet Riot, Let's Get Quizzical, Lend Me Your Ears, Lyrical Tryst and a lot more.
Day two of the fest was a crowd-puller. Big bands like Kryptos and Blind Image  shared the platform with Inner Sanctum, Pralayh, Scratch Card Winners and Lounge Piranha during the The Great Indian Music Festival.

This whole event was a twelve-hour-long musical extravaganza for the headbangers and lovers of rock.

The last day laid a greater emphasis on the carnival that featured a variety of cuisines, games and goodies, as well as a fashion show for children and parents.

The overall winner was Christ Junior College who won for the first time at Phenomenon — Synesthesia.

Talented: One of the bands performing.Clinton, the rhythm guitarist of Tiffin Box, said it’s been more than three months since the band was formed. He added that the band has taken part in ten fests winning nine of them. “We have been having a lot of jamming sessions. We also competed with nearly 400 bands and were chosen for Mood Indigo, the fest of IIT-Bombay.”
Karan, the lead singer of Erebus from Christ Junior College, said, “Initially, we were more into Green Day and Metallica but now, we make our own compositions and everybody contributes. Ever since we have joined college, we have played in four fests and stood second.”

Prianka, a student volunteer said, “The fest was held on a large scale but we managed to pull it off well. The concept was quite simple and we organised a lot of events and competitions for two days. We made it a family event where we made sure everybody was involved. We tried to set a new trend when it comes to fests and this was supported by our faculty and parents.”

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