Fetid fare

A family melodrama, Kathi has all commercial ingredients brimming with fights and action in keeping with the star status of Kalyan Ram. The film being his home production, Kalyan Ram simply thunders through Kathi in a tailor-made role.

Kalyan plays Ramakrishna, a footballer who dotes on his younger sister Haritha, played by Saranya Mohan. Such is his devotion to his sister that he always comes to her rescue given her knack of getting into all sorts of troubles, even sacrificing his football dreams. Such is her propensity to court problems that she even makes the wrong choice for her lover, played by Shyam. The beau marries her to avenge the insult suffered by him when she slaps him for trying to woo her. Big brother takes it upon himself to save his sister. Does he succeed? Given director Mallikarjun’s emphasis on gory violence, you can stay away from the predictable  drama.

Kalyan Ram fares well given that this is a one-man show, while Sana Khan and Saranya Mohan are pretty damsels for distraction. The rest are passable. Suffice to say Kathi is for Kalyan Ram fans.

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