'I was afraid I wouldn't be able to direct'


'I was afraid I wouldn't be able to direct'

Different: Upendra

Having returned to the director’s seat after a gap of ten years, the multifaceted star has caught the people’s fancy all over again. Ever since his first film Tharle Nan Maga hit the screens, one has never seen the star repeat a single theme.

In fact, even the treatment of each of his film has been unique. Even when it comes to his latest film Super, be it using a hand symbol as the mascot, coming up with three-dimensional advertisements, sporting funky hairdos or having an open-air muharath of the film, everything has been the talk of the town.

Recently, Upendra officially launched the music of his film and as usual, it was done in a unique manner. The CDs are selling like hot cakes. Upendra had included a coupon inside each CD, that invited the buyer to the music launch that was held at Palace Grounds. They had printed around 20, 000 invites for the launch. Those who did not receive the invite were asked to come dressed in a unique way.
Ask him if it is pressurising to be different all the time and he laughs.

“I didn’t want to be different. It’s just something that I was born with. I have always looked at everything in a new light and I am just lucky that people have liked this characteristic of mine.”

He adds, “At times, it does get difficult to not repeat a subject but that’s what is really exciting about filmmaking.”

Speaking about his ten-year hiatus from direction, Upendra says he was stuck in a shell.

“Initially, I had taken a break from direction as I wanted to concentrate on my acting career. But then I was sucked into a vacuum from which I couldn’t get out. Finally, I reached a point where I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get back to direction. I had to get out of that fear and that’s when I started working on the script of the film,” says Upendra. Super also stars Nayantara, who Upendra describes as a thorough professional.

“She is a very sweet girl and it was a pleasure directing her. Unlike the image she has in the media, Nayantara is very down-to-earth. She was always with the crew and not once did we hear her complain,” he adds.

Now that the shooting of Super is over and the film has gone into post production, Upendra says he is more than satisfied with what he has in hand.

But the actor-cum-director is still nervous about the release. “The nervousness is always there as my entire team has invested a lot of energy into making this film. But then again, I know there can be only one result — the film can either be a hit or a flop. A lot does depend on the film as its performance at the box office will help me decide what to do next,” he signs off.

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