Seer's birthday celebrations begin

The ceremony marked the conglomeration of religious, educational, social and cultural programmes that was inaugurated by the pontiff himself.

Paryaya Sri Krishna Shirur mutt seer Sri Laxmivaratheertha Sripada and Mantralaya Sri Raghavendra mutt seer Sri Suyatheendratheertha Swamiji accompanied Pejawar seer in the inaugural ceremony. Later in the evening, Vishwa Hindu Parishath President Ashok Singhal inaugurated ‘Santha Samavesha- Shanthi Sandesha’ at Rajangana.

The entire Car Street area was immersed in a spiritual fervor as the high pitched chanting of hymns in chorus resonated the air with the performance of 108 ‘Mahayagas’ simultaneously in the sacred ‘Yajna Kundas’ around Rathabeedhi to commemorate seer’s birthday celebrations.

As many as 500 ‘Rithwijas’ (Brahmin priests) took part in the Mahayagas held in accordance with ‘Thanthra Saara Sangraha,’ a classical work of great saint and Madhwa Philosopher Sri Madhwacharya in 108 ‘Yajnakundas’.

Special pendal has been erected around the car street for the purpose. In the early hours, offering of ‘Koti Tulasi Archana’ to the presiding deity Lord Sri Krishna at Sri Krishna Mutt was performed by Paryaya Shiroor mutt seer Sri Laxmivaratheertha Sripada. He offered ‘Koti Tulasi’ during which over 2,000 members of Udupi taluk Brahmana Mahasabha recited ‘Vishnu Sahasranama’. ‘Sri Laxmi Shobhane’ was organised by a big group of women reciting ‘Sri Krishna Gayana’ on the occasion.

A photography expo on Pejawar mutt seer was organised, where about 80 photographs were displayed.

Ram Mandir for sure

Speaking on the occasion, VHP International President Ashok Singhal said that the Ram Mandir will be constructed at any cost in Ayodhya. “Though the HC has ruled in our favour, a few Muslim organisations have approached the SC. But we will proceed as per the court directions,” he said.

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