Boyish hairdo spoils bride's marriage dreams

However, when it comes to marriage, Indian men are still obsessed with traditional concepts such as long hair and beautiful eyes.

Take this example. A youth in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut town cancelled his engagement at the last moment only because his would-be wife got a boyish hairdo. 

It all happened late on Sunday night at a restaurant in Meerut where families and relatives of the bride and groom  gathered for the engagement ceremony.

According to reports, the proposal was fixed after the would-be bride and groom saw each other and gave the go- ahead for the marriage.

Everything was smooth for a while and the guests had a lavish dinner. The scene, however, changed completely as soon as the girl was brought for the ceremony.
The boy refused to marry the girl saying she shortened her hair to a boyish hairdo though earlier she had long hair. “When I had selected her (for marriage) she had long hair....I like girls with long hair only,” the boy said.

The two families had a heated exchange of words as all efforts to pursuade the boy to go ahead with the ceremony failed. According to reports, they also had a fight and the police had to be called in to disperse the crowd.

In the melee, one of the relatives of the girl suffered a heart attack and had to be rushed to the hospital, reports said.

It took sometime for the police to pursuade both sides to peacefully cancel the marriage and they left for their respective destinations.

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