Hosur villagers up in arms against power project work

They resolved not to allow works till they get compensation

KPTCL Superintending Engineer, Bopaiah told reporters that the works on building the towers and drawing powerline from Nandikur to Shanthigram have been entrusted to Deepak Cable India Limited by M/s Nagarjun Power Corporation Limited. The contract is worth ` 396 crore.

The Bangalore-company is supposed to install 527 towers and draw powerlines. The works have started almost two years from now, he added.

The farmers alleged that most of the engineers and workers are from north India and they deal with them. Their language was not understood by them. They were not in a position to stop the works in their fields. When they question those engineers they would tell that they got court orders. Some would bring the cops who bash them.

Besides, hired goondas are brought to the workspot to threaten local people. Bopaiah claimed that they have disbursed insurance to all the farmers. In law, there is provision to give compensation for the crop loss.

The KPTCL got the crop damage assessment through agriculture and horticulture departments. So far, they have given compensation of Rs two crore. Still they need to give compensation for farmers which would be disbursed soon.

Gowramma, a land owner said some persons came and threatened her when she asked for compensation.

Kanakal Murthy of KRRS said Bopaiah and other officials of the KPTCL were telling lies. Till date, no farmer has been given compensation and agriculture or horticulture department officials have not visited the spot. This statement resulted in a wordy duel among the farmers and the officials.

The farmers claimed that the officials have got their signatures on the blank stamp papers and also on other empty forms.

They displayed such forms to officials and to press persons.  At this juncture, Inspector S Raju intervened and asked the officials to sort out the matter after going through documents, after the ZP/TP elections.

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